I would recommend to anyone.

I have used Backyard Oasis for about 22 years to service and care for my pool. As a very busy family physician, I had very little time to spend on worrying about things that can go wrong in my house. Over all these years, I have never once been disappointed with the service I received from Backyard Oasis.
When our pool motor failed, they were there the day I called and fixed it. When Hurricane Rita came, they were there as soon as the electricity came back on, and worked feverishly over the next 4-5 days to get my pool back in shape.

Of all the vendors I have needed in the care of my home—from electricians, appliance repair people, gardeners, roofers, etc.—I can honestly say that Patte, Lee, Adam, and Ernest have been a joy to work with. They are extremely reliable, and are as nice a group of people that you would ever want to deal with.

Without any reservation I would recommend them to anyone.