Easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective.

I bought my swimming pool from Backyard Oasis in the summer of 2000, so I have had my pool now about 7 years. From the very beginning, Backyard Oasis has been exceptional in helping me with my pool. Set up went smoothly and we were swimming within 2 days of purchase. Your helpful staff has assisted me on many occasions with water balancing and with products that make keeping my pool beautiful, easier.

Believe me, over the last seven years I have tried to cut corners and save money by purchasing my pool chemicals from discount stores like Wal-Mart. I am living proof the savings at one moment will only end up costing several times more in the end. Discount pool supplies cause extreme wear on the liner and the pump and filter system of the pool. After putting discount chemicals in my pool, the wait time to swim could take days.

Many chemicals purchased from Backyard Oasis have swim time after treatment at about 15 minutes. I always ended up back in your store requesting help to fix my disaster. Your employees were always there for me. I have never been pressured or “talked into” buying products that I did not need or want.

Your staff is very familiar with pools and the problems that may come with them. They suggest the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to battle and correct the problem. Thanks for being there for me and my family. We love our pool and have enjoyed it for 7 years now. I intend on enjoying for many more years to come.