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Above Ground Pools

Backyard Oasis makes it simple to design the above ground swimming pool you’re looking for.

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Designing Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

So you’ve made the choice to pursue an above ground swimming pool. You’ve found the most experienced above ground pool dealers in the area! The Backyard Oasis team promises our customers only the best above ground pools in the industry. Backyard Oasis carries Cornelius Brand above ground pools, which has been a leading brand on the market for over 45 years! They produce models for all 3 construction types depending on your budget and needs. The 3 types are Steel, Resin, and Hybrid models. Whether you’re looking for above ground pools with decks or just the best above ground pools on the market, Backyard Oasis is #1 in the above ground pool sale business.

Steel Pools

Our entry-level pools are constructed of steel. These pools are the least expensive out of all three types. Often recommended for those looking for the most durability, steel pools tend to use a combination of several different metals. They are the considered the best above ground pools in terms of strength. While above ground pool prices can vary, these are typically the most budget-conscious option. Also, rust is not an issue with this type of above ground pool because they are usually dipped in a rust-resistant coat. Another great advantage to steel is that its strength prevents damage and deformities and is more formidable than the other types.

Hybrid Pools

Our mid-line pools are hybrids, meaning they are constructed out of two different types of material: steel and resin. This means that you get the best advantages out of both steel and resin above ground pools. These pools are extremely resilient. Hybrid above ground pools resist chipping and discoloration more easily than other pool types. It also isn’t corrosive!

Resin Pools

Our top-of-the-line above ground swimming pools are constructed mostly of resin. They are the longest-lasting out of the three types we offer. Resin pools are available in several different sizes and will not oxidize. Extreme cold can have a considerable effect on these pools, however, and intense winter weather can take a toll on them. Thankfully, we don’t have much of that here in Texas!

Best Above Ground Pool Options

We offer 5 different models that come in both OVAL and ROUND with several sizes to choose from and a custom package with lots of EXTRAS and UPGRADES!

Be sure to check out our PHOTO-GALLERY of installed above ground pools.

Alpha 48″

20 Year Warranty
6″ Steel Top Ledges
5″ Steel Upright Posts
Steel Bottom Frame
Steel Top Frame

Millenium 52″

25 Year Warranty
7″ Steel Top Ledges
6″ Steel Upright Posts
Steel Bottom Frame
Steel Top Frame

Quantium 52″

25 Year Warranty
7″ RESIN Top Ledges
6″ Steel Upright Posts
RESIN Bottom Frame
Steel Top Frame

Dynasty 52″

30 Year Warranty
8″ RESIN Top Ledges
7″ RESIN Upright Posts
RESIN Bottom Frame
RESIN Top Frame

Monterrey 54″

30 Year Warranty
10″ RESIN Top Ledges
8″ Steel Upright Posts
RESIN Bottom Frame
Steel Top Frame


We will attempt to match or beat any competitor’s price! Just provide a written quote!



If needed, we have 2 lenders that offer financing. Click Here to choose lender and Apply!



If you’re concerned about pool maintenance, don’t worry—we can help! Not only does our custom pool package include an automatic pool cleaner, we offer FREE water analysis, an education course, and lifetime support.



Instead of only providing the bare minimum as many companies do, our custom pool packages include everything that you MUST have as well as lots of EXTRAS and UPGRADES. Our pool packages include items to make your liner last longer, pool care easier and pool ownership even more enjoyable. However, if you’re under a tighter budget or don’t want/need everything in our custom package, any item can be removed to lower the price if you do not want everything listed.



We have been using the same installation company for the last 12 years who has over 20 years experience. The owner is on-site with his crew during the pool installation and he is a perfectionist. With his experience and our custom package, this is a 1st class installation that will thoroughly impress anyone!



If you want to check out the different models, please consider this as a formal invitation to come by Backyard Oasis. We would love to show you the different models and answer any questions you may have about pool ownership. We have 2 display pools set up and mini versions of each model so you can physically see the pools and how they are constructed instead of just looking at an online marketing picture.



To give you additional peace of mind, we have been in business since 1983 and are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating! We are also fully insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance, members of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and are licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

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